PSP Brushes

A brush is a tool used in Paint Shop Pro. An example of a Brush is my layout. The swirls all around my layout are brushes. There are tons of bruhes you can find to install in your PSP, like swirls, stars, circles, etc.!

Where to find?
You can go to most any search engine and just type in something like 'PSP brushes' and it will bring up sites that have tons of brushes for you to search from.

Downloading and Installing
Click on the source of the page to download the brush. Click on save, and to make it easy, in the Save in drop down menu, click on Desktop.

After the file has completed downloading, go to your desktop and double click the file. Most brushes are saved in ZIP format so you will need WinZip to open the file up, if you don't have Winzip, click here. After you get the file opened, save it to the desktop also.

Right click the brush file from the desktop and click cut. Go to >> My Computer >> C: Drive >> Program Files>> Jasc Software Inc >> Paint Shop Pro >> Brushes >> and then right click anywhere inside that folder and click paste.

Make sure if you have PSP opened during this process, to close it and then open it back up.

To Use the Brush
File >> New. Make sure your Tool Options Palatte is on by going to View >> Toolbars >> and making sure the Tool Options Palette button is checked. Scroll over the icons and click on the one that says Paint Brush to the right of the Dropper and the left of the Clone Brush.

In the Tool Options box, click once on the little paint brush to the top right corner >> then click Custom >> then click on the drop down arrow to see the brushes you have and/or installed.

Click on any of the brushes inside the menu, and then hit OK. Hover over your new image and left click once anywhere on the image to place the brush. You can continue this process to add as many brush designs you like to your image! :)