Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be a co-owner/helper at your site?
At this time, I am not looking for any help, yes it is time consuming but I have always been the type to get the job done by myself. =)

Will you make me an icon?
No, sorry, I will not make you an icon. I use to make icons and you can view them on the Icon page, other than those I'm not taking requests for personalized icons. Try going to ImBum, and you can most likely find someone that will take your request.

Will you help me with my layout?
Wouldn't I love to help you with your site, yes I would. But unfortunately I don't have time anymore to help everyone with their sites, as my site needs lots of updating on a daily basis.

Can you make me a doll?
I'm not making any specialized dolls, but if you have a suggestion as to what dolls I need more of, you can leave it in the suggestion box. I made all of my dollmakers for you to make yourselves a doll.

Will you host me?
Right now the plan I am on, my site is taking up all of my bandwidth, so for now I don't even have any room to host anyone!

Can I put your dolls on my website?
ONLY if you link me back, and do not direct link! Do not take all of my dolls as your own either!