Fashion 411!

These are some of my every day favorite links that I go on most often. I decided to put them on here because maybe you guys would also enjoy these sites.

Louis Vuitton: I go on this site when I need a new purse. I currently have the Speedy (just like Jessica Simpson's popularized bag) but I also like to see all the new fashions. One thing I can say to watch out for if you want a REAL Louis bag, only buy your bag straight from Louis Vuitton by their catalogue, or visit E-Luxury, because those are the ONLY authorized dealers.

Abercrombie and Fitch: Abercrombie is the clothes line that I mostly wear. I must admit I don't really like their latest fashion lines, because I'm not really into the wrinkled clothes look, but hey this was always my favorite brand.

Dessert: Jessica Simpson's new line! *omg* she has the best fragrences, lip gloss, etc. You're boyfriend can eat it off of you too!

Victoria's Secret: This is my favorite place to shop for bras and panties. I definitely give their bras an A+, sorry girls but Wal*Mart bras just don't cut it! These bras really fit well, especially if you are looking for a padded/push-up bra, check out their push-up bras! I don't usually buy their panties though because I don't really see the reason to pay $40 for a thong? But hey, sometimes we're just worth it!

Von Dutch: This site is popularized by their unique hats *somewhat like Ashton Kutcher's*. I like their clothes but they usually run a little expensive so I usually stick with just browsing at their hats.

PetsMart: With having so many pets, this site is definitely a necessity! They usually offer free shipping with an order of $50 or more, so you don't even have to leave your house! Another reason I shop online is because sometimes they offer more things online then you can find in the stores.

The Cool Cell: Ever see those really cute phone covers and wonder where everyone gets them? Well yes one place is at the mall, but another is here! They usually have a wide variety for both different types of phones to different types of face plates.

PacSun: If the surfer girl/boy type is you, this is definitely a great place to shop! They have bathing suits, sandals, great clothes, and so much more!

Jimmie Johnson: I'm sure most of you aren't into racing, but this Nascar driver is my favorite and not to mention really hot! Check his picture out here! If you aren't interested in racing, maybe you should be!