The Beginning

One day I came across a "cartoon doll" site and thought the dolls were just the cutest things. I browsed around a few websites like Emma's Dolls and Nicole's Dolls, and found out that they were just normal girls like me making the webistes, so I said well if they can do it I'm sure I can. I'm the type of person that has to atleast try and figure out everything, and once I do try to be the best =) So I started on a little personal site on Angelfire, called hMm let's see.. Christie's Page, orginal huh? I think it was alright for my first site.


Later on down the road, I was learning and teaching myself a little more html, and my site was coming together better. I decided to rename my site SparkleDust because I love sparkles and I always wear glitter and where ever I would go I always seemed to leave a trail of sparkles and glitter, so that was the base name for my site. I started off with just pictures of myself and my boyfriend, pictures of friends, info about things I liked. Then I made my first prepmaker. That was about all the content there was to that site.


My little story about always having to learn how to do something, and then trying to be the best found itself on a site called ImBum, which is a site for people to make AIM icons and submit them for others to download. I wanted to find out how to make the icons, so basically once again I taught myself. I went out and bought Paint Shop Pro & Animation Shop, and started making icons and submitting then, fortunately they actually turned out to be a great hit and lots of people requesting them. That then led me to making a site for the icons. I wanted it to be a name that had icon in it, and the name Iconlicious just popped into my head and I loved the name so I went with it. It had my different icons, and a few doll makers for other icon-makers to make dolls for their icons.


I've always wanted my own doll site and one to be visited by many people, but I never got the name of my site out there. One Sunday I was sitting on the computer with nothing better to do so I started working another layout for a site. But this time I wanted it to be my first "real" doll site. As I worked on the layout, it surprisingly turned out pretty good, so I just kept working with it, and adding more stuff, and this is the point at which I am now! Basically brand new to the doll world and hoping for a good outcome!