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These doll makers take ALOT of time and effort to make. I sit up hours upon hours, day after night making these things. Why? Because I know YOU like them, and I try to make everyone that comes to this site happy and provide them with everything they want. Make as many dolls as your beautiful heart desires, but if you do please give me credit by linking me.

Props Used for the Makers
All of the props used for my makers came from The Palace. It takes alot of time just perfecting the props for these makers, including adding transparency, editing them, etc. So do not steal my props!

Pay Me Back
Lastly, for all of my hard work, there is a great way for you to pay me back for all of the hard work I put into these doll makers just for you! Just click on the banner below and give my site a vote, it only takes a second of your time, but it really helps this site alot. And with helping the site, I add more doll makers just for you!

After you have done that, you may enter the maker by clicking here.