Icon Tutorial

The programs you will need :
Paint Shop Pro & Animation Shop
|You can download the trial version here|

  1. Make a doll using one of my doll makers.

  2. Make the doll transparent, if you don't know how visit my PSP transparency tutorial here.

  3. Open up Animation Shop. File >> New> > Size = 48x48.

  4. Use the Flood Fill to fill the image with any color. Right click the image and click Duplicate Selected. This will make a double of the image so that they can be linked together to be animated. You can use this feature to duplicate as many of the frames as you want.

  5. If you are up for writing letters in plain colors on the icon, click the text button. Next view the color pallette, on the right side of screen,

    left click once on the first color box and select a color you want your font to be and then hit >> OK. Once you have done this, click the left mouse button once in either the first or second frame, whichever you want the font to go in. The Add Text box will come up, determine what font style and size you want and select >> OK. Now the font will show up you typed in the Add Text Box in the frame.

  6. You can repeat the above step on each of the frames to put different text in each of them.

    |Now if you want to make things just a little more difficult, right click on a frame and click >> Export Frames To Paint Shop Pro. This will then take the frame to PSP if you would like to edit it there. When you are done editing in PSP, click the X button and when it says .Do you want to update Animation Shop frame " before closing. click >> Yes.|

  7. Make sure you have a clean frame open, if you don't you can always right click on a frame, click >> Insert Frames >> Empty, and then fill it with your fill color.

  8. Open up your transparent doll that you made earlier. File >> Open >> find directory where you put your doll. Click on the Crop button , draw with the crop button a box around the part of the doll you want in your icon.

    Click >> Crop, near the top of the screen. Then click on the Arrow button , right click the image click >> Copy.

  9. Go back to your frames. Right click on an empty one click >> Paste >> Into Selected Frame, and then place the image inside the frame.

  10. Left click on the first frame, hold down the shift key, and then click on the last frame. Right click the frames, and click >> Frame Properties. This sets the time in which the frames link to each other, I usually do 80, and then click >> OK.

  11. You're all done! Now you can see your animation if you click >> View Animation

  12. Now you can save your first animated icon. =)