.:*June 21, 2021*:.
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.:*Sunday, December 18, 2005*:.

All makers are slowly upgraded to use new drag and drop script from Doll Maker Script (www.dollmakerscript.com)

.:*Sunday, October 17, 2004*:.

I think comments area is just too much to handle for some of the visitors. We asked people to follow our general rules and TDP Terms of Service before posting, but some users just dont get it...

I loved the comment about No Right Click.... (Person is trying to show off with his wonderful knowledge of Browser Options... LOL!! :) Everybody has something to complain about... Someone is asking us to admit something, others are tryign to argue if we are playing the fair game... I think next time around we should create a board for complains :) No, don't take me wrong, we do take complains, but in normal form and without "special words" that computer has to replace with "*".

I'm sorry, but this time around we decided not to leave the link for the comments. I think by not having comments area we will save a lot of time for people that came here to do something and not read nasty messages from other members.

I think most of you know that we are going over hundreds of emails/dollmails/messages per day, and we've seen a lot... It is really hard to offend us with what you have to say, but it does offend a lot of other members. I hope everyone will understand this and we will be able to open comments back on our next review.

.:*Sunday, August 15, 2004*:.

Removed some of the popups from our maker pages and fixed couple of 404 errors... For now we will continue cleaning up the site and making sure all the graphics and pages available. We will spend some time on makers and graphics in the nearest future.

Please follow our general rules and Terms of Service while leaving the comment.

Yummielicious.com is now owned and maintained by TheDollPalace.com <3

.:*Tuesday, July 20, 2004*:.

The majority of people asked us to keep the site open and we decided to leave it open at least for now. We are the official owners of the copyright on all the materials published on this site. If we spot people taking the parts of the site or publishing unauthorized material without our explicit permission we will submit DMCA complain to the offending party hosting provider and make sure provider acts accordingly.

Now good part: 
Since we decided to keep everything open, and it was such a big issue in previous comment board, we would like to know what
part(s) of the site you think should be updated first. Would you be more interested in adding interactive stuff like forums / contests / chats or static content like dolls, icons, quotes. We are trying to define the priorities for the development and update process of this site and your feedback would be very appreciated. Please follow our general rules and Terms of Service while leaving the comment.

.:*Wednesday, July 14, 2004*:.

Comments are back, but now we will be monitoring every post made. We do not have a problem with people having an opinion, however you have to follow our general rules and Terms of Service. It looks like a lot of people really want us to close Yummielicious, and we are at this point considering closing the site completely.

.:*Thursaday, July 8, 2004*:.

*new owners*
Yummielicious.com is now owned and maintained by TheDollPalace.com <3

.:*Sunday, June 6, 2004*:.

Hey everyone! As you have noticed I'm sure, I haven't updated the site in a loong time. Reason being because I am soo busy! With work, and everything going on in my life, I just don't have time for the site anymore. The 17th of this month is my birthday and I won't be a teenager anymore so I think it's time I've outgrown dolls. I have loved the doll industry while I have been here and I thank each and every one of you for helping to make this site what it is today. I will miss you all very much, but I will always remember you guys! I will be shutting down the site within the next week and most likely it won't ever be back. Goodbye and good luck in everything you all do! xoxo <3

.:*Thursday, June 3, 2004*:.

Hey guys! I'm all done and feeling great! My mouth is a little sore, but not like I thought it would be *woo* so I can go back to work today and everything! Thanks *sooo* much to everyone for your love and support, it really helped! xoxo <3

.:*Tuesday, June 1, 2004*:.

Hey everyone, just to update, I am getting my wisdom teeth taken out tomorrow! Wish me luck! :)

S. I. S. T. E. R. S. I. T. E. S.