I hate to have rules for everyone to follow like little kids, but our little dollie world has way too many stealers and I don't want them taking advantage of this site!

1) Right click images and choose "save picture as" and upload images to your own servers. Do Not direct link.

2) Please do not under any circumstances steal anything concluded in my layout. I have worked very hard at making this site, you should have the privilege of doing the same.

3) This website is free to all, if you take something please have the decency to link back.

4) Do not criticize my site, I have worked very hard and do not appreciate haters. If you want to hate, go somewhere else!

5) Do not use my dolls, icons, etc. in anything made for your site and do not enter them into any other website.

Follow these 5 simple rules and we won't have any problems now, will we? =) Have a great stay!