Website Basics

Do you really like all of these cutie doll websites all over, and wonder.. how do you make a website quite like that? Well this is the tutorial for you! Here I am going to explain what you need to get started off with a great website!

Web Space
To get started, you need a host with web space for your website. Some free web space providers are:

An editor is a way to get your html from word to your site. The websites above, all provide their own editors. I prefer to use just Notepad, and write all of my own html and send it to my host using FTP. To do that though, you usually need a host that is not free. There are also some fancy editors that you can go out and buy, but I don't think that is necessary, if you want to spend money on software, then spend it on Paint Shop Pro! =)

I learned alot of my HTML (hypertext markup language), by just teaching it to myself. But there are also alot of great websites out there that teach very effectively how to do HTML. My favorite site for HTML help is definitely Lissa Explains. She is very explanatory with anything you need to know. In that section, you will learn how to do backgrounds, fonts, links, images, text areas, and so much more!

Next, you need to figure out what exactly you are going to have on your website. Here is a list of a few different types of websites:

  • Dolls
  • Graphics
  • Layouts
  • Blog
  • Fanlisting
Some tools that you will definitely want for your site include (click on each category and it takes you to the website I prefer for the tools):

Once you have learned a little bit of HTML and your site is coming along quite nicely, you will want to spice it up a bit with some graphics. For all of my graphics I use Paint Shop Pro. You can download a free trial version here. Another website which provides free software is here. With these softwares you can make headers, backgrounds, and so much more to make your site much more inevitable.

Sure it's really easy to go to a great website and View their Source, but that's not original at all! You want your visitors to love your site and come back for more, so think of some great ideas, don't ever steal anyone elses hard work!

Faster Loading Page
When you are making graphics and pictures make sure to save them in .gif format, since that takes up less room and will make your page load much quicker. People don't like when they have to sit for 5 minutes while all of your graphics load, they will get tired of it, leave, and possibly never come back. You don't want that to happen, so make sure to save in .gif format!

Get More Hits
Well, I have my website now, it looks really great, but no one is coming! How do I get people to find my site? Well if that's your question, here's your answer.

  • Top Site Lists - Sign your site up for the most popular Top Sites lists, and then put a vote section in your website for people to vote for you.
  • Guestbooks - You can never sign enough GuestBooks, WITH enough nice comments! That's the key! You want people to know that you are a really nice person, and have something to offer. Just don't be annoying and leave comments all the time telling people to come to your site. If they like what they see, they will come!
  • Forums - Do the same thing as the GuestBooks, with Forums. Make sure to mention how nice people's sites are including truthful facts about what you like within their site.
  • Search Engines - Add your site to search engines like Yahoo, Google, and any other popular search engines that you know of. You can learn about meta tags from Lissa's website also, on how to get your site ready for searching traffic.
  • Cliques - If you see cliques that pertain to you, then why not join! Just don't join too many because you need to put your joined cliques somewhere, and it's annoying when you have TOO many cliques.
  • Affiliates - Find out sites that have a pretty good amount of traffic and also accept affiliates. All you have to do is add their banner to your site, and the more hits you give their site from your site, usually the better of an affiliate and more hits you get.
  • Sister Sites - Sister sites are the best, but as you know, they also give traffic if you have the right ones. When choosing your sister sites, make sure to choose wisely! It's not too smart to choose a website that doesn't offer your site anything. Go with sites that offer your site as much as you would offer them!
This should get you off to a really good start! GOOD LUCK with your website!!! =)