This tutorial is to explain how to get the different images as cursors.

The Cursors
Here are definitions of different cursors so you can get an idea of which one you want:
Crosshair: A symbol with two little lines that cross each other
Hand: A little white hand
Help: A normal white arrow cursor with a black question mark next to it
Move: The cursor that you usually see in Paint Programs when you are moving an entire object

NE-Resize: Points North East on the Page
NW-Resize: Points North West on the Page
SE-Resize: Points South East on the Page
SW-Resize: Points South West on the Page
S-Resize: Points South on the Page
W-Resize: Points West on the Page
E-Resize: Points East on the Page

Changing Cursor Attributes
If you just want the cursor to change when you are hovering over links then an example of the tag for the link would be below.

<a href="address.html" target="main" style="cursor:crosshair">

You would change where it says crosshair to any of the names in bold above that suits your cursor need.

With a CSS |Style Sheet|
If you want the cursor to show up throughout your page with just adding it to the style sheet then all you have to do is add cursor: crosshair tag in the body section of the style sheet (Replacing crosshair with your cursor name).

If you want to change the cursor for the links then in your style sheet, you add the cursor: crosshair tag into either or all of the A: Link, A: Visited, A: Active, and A: Hover tags.