How To Make DollMakers

The programs you will need :
The Palace
|You can download the full version here|
Paint Shop Pro
|You can download the trial version here|

Getting Started
I always start out by getting my dolls before I worry about writing the html to put the dollmaker together, because without the dolls you have no maker! =)

Now you need to start The Palace. If you don't already have the dolls you need for the maker, you need to find them now in the category of the dollmaker.

I usually go to Port 9998, and then go to the edit room. You can get there by clicking File >> Connect to a Palace >> type in the Palace Server Address box: >> click tab and then type in 9998 >> and then hit Ok. Once you are transfered, click Options >> Go To Room >> and then Editing Room (not the one that says w/colors). The figure below shows what the edit room looks like so you know that you are in the right room.

For some reason I always stand in the blue on the bottom right hand corner, but you can stand whereever you would like in the edit boxes, just as long as you are entirely in one colored box, not half in one color and half in another color.

Once you are in 1 of the 4 boxes, put on your avatar. After the av is on, click on the Pring Screen button that is on the top of your keyboard to the right of the F12 key and to the left of the Scroll Lock button (don't worry this doesn't actually print the screen it only captures and copies it).

Paint Shop Pro
Open up Paint Shop Pro. Click Edit >> Paste as New Image. Your image will probably show up as if it is shrank down a bit, so click the zoom button >> on the doll a few times until the doll is shown pretty big on the screen. Next you need to crop around the doll with the crop tool . Left click on the upper left top of the doll and drag a box around the doll to the bottom right corner, making sure not to have the box covering any part of the doll, but keep the box tight so there isn't too much blank space around it. The figure below shows what the doll will look like when it has the cropping box around it.

Click Crop image on the Tool Options box. Now click on the Magic Wand button and click anywhere on the outside of the doll in the image. Click on the Flood Fill button and then fill the area with the flourecent green.

Next click on the GIF button . Make sure the Transparency tab is active >> Click on the radio button for Areas that match this color >> Right click on the fill color box, and then click on the green color >> Click the OK button. Save the doll as the name you want. Now all you have to do is repeat the above steps on each doll to get them ready for the maker.

Starting the maker
To organize the maker more I would suggest seperating the props by using tables. You can get an example of how to use tables here.

Drag and Drop
To be able to drag the props around the maker, you will need the drag and drop code. For instructions on how to insert the code and the code itself, click here.

That should get you on your way to dollmaking! Hope this tutorial works out for you! =)