Installing Fonts

Download Font
Download the font you want from whichever site it is on. Usually all you have to do is click on the font, and a message box titled, File Download, pops up.

Saving the File
When the File Download box pops up click on Save. In the Save In drop down box, choose Desktop, and then click save. Once the Download Complete box pops up, click on close.

You will most likely need a program called WinZip to be able to open up the font. If you do not have it, you can get it here.

Okay well I have two different computers with two different Windows programs, so if you have a program other than XP or Windows 98, this might not work.

Inserting the Font
Go to your desktop, right click on the WinZip icon that says the file name of the font. Click on WinZip, and then extract to here, then use evaluation version. Next you will see a little icon with two little T's on it that shows up with the font's name. Right click the font, and click on cut. Next go to Start >> Settings >> Control Panel >> Fonts >> and then right click anywhere in the white space and click Paste.
If you have Windows XP, go this way, Start >> My Computer >> Display >> and then on the left menu it will say Fonts, click on that, and then paste the font in there.

Make sure if you had any of your programs that you want the font in open during this, you close them and then open back up for the font to show up.