How To Make A Doll

You're Not Alone
Don't worry, just because you don't know how to make a doll doesn't make you stupid! :) Everyone has to learn at sometime. I didn't know how to make a doll when I first saw "cartoon doll" websites either. So you aren't alone! So here is a tutorial for you to learn how to make the dolls.

First you need to go to the dollmaker. You can go to my unique maker for an example here. Move the parts into the section where it says make doll here, to put together the doll the way you want it.

Copying Doll
Now in order to copy or save the doll, you can't right click it like normal and hit save because if you were to do this, it would just save one of the graphics in the doll for instant the shirt. So in order to copy the doll this is what you do. Hit the print screen button (in between the F12 and Scroll Lock) on your keyboard. Don't worry, it won't print the screen, it is just copying the entire screen. Open up the Paint program that comes on your computer. At the top click Edit >> Paste. You will notice that when you do this it copies in the entire screen that you were making the doll on.

After you have pasted the doll into your paint program, you will want to crop, or get rid of, the remaining screen around the doll. In order to do this click on the dotted box once to select it. Draw a box around the outside edges of the doll making sure not to cut off any part of it. Now click on Edit >> Cut. Then click File >> New (if it asks you to save anything say No). Resize the new image so it is pretty small by clicking on the moving handles at the corners. Then click Edit >> Paste.

Now that you have the doll just the way you want it we need to save it. Click on File >> Save and then save it as whatever name you would like. Easy as that, now you have your very OWN doll!