Pixel Text

Alot of you have been emailing me asking how to make pixels for dolls and your site so here is how:

The programs you will need :
Paint Shop Pro & Animation Shop
|You can download the trial version here|

The Pixel Fonts
First off you need the specific 'pixel fonts'. Those include, 04b03, 04b24, Bangalore, Handy00, and Redensek. You can find each of those in my fonts section here. If you do not know how to install the fonts, you can learn here.

After Installing the Fonts
Open up Animation Shop. Make a new animation by clicking File >> New; Width = 200, Height = 100. Right click on the animation and click on Export Frames to Paint Shop Pro. This will open the file in Paint Shop Pro. Click on the Flood Fill button once to activate it. Right click on the (where mine is purple) and pick a color. This is going to be the outside color of your pixel text. Click on Other if there isn't a color there that you want in the Recent Colors box. After you have picked your color, click once on the image so that it colors it this color.

Inserting the Text
Click once on the text button to activate it. Then click once on the image and the Text Entry box will show up. Click on the little arrow next to Stroke and click on the

Null button (the little circle with the line marked accross it). Then click the arrow next to the Fill box and click

Solid. Right click on the color in the Fill box and click on the color that you want the letters to be. Choose the name of your font and if you are using either Bangalore, 04b03, or 04b24 I choose size 6 for the text size. Make sure that the Floating radio button and the Antialias check box are both clicked on like:
Hit the OK button.

Selecting the Text
You'll notice that there is a little flashing black and white border around the text and that means it is selected. Go to Selections >> Modify >> Expand >> Number of Pixels: 1. Then click Edit >> Copy. File >> New >> Width: 200, Height: 100 >> OK.

Pasting the Text
Click the Flood Tool once and then right click the Foreground Color and click lime green. Click once on the image to change the background color the the lime green. Click on the and then Right click on the image and click Paste As New Layer.

Cropping the Text
Now you need to crop the image to the site of the text. Click on the Zoom button a couple of times to zoom in closer to the image. Click on the Crop tool once. Draw a border around your pixel text, making sure not to draw on top of the text. Once you have drawn the box around the text, double click inside the box.

Pixelizing the Text
Now we need to make the pixels look 3-Dish. Make sure that you are still zoomed in on your image so that it is viewed better. Click once on the Paint Brush tool to select it. If your Tools Option box is not already showing click once on the little button like this: . You want this showing so that you can go to your next step. With the Tools Option box showing make sure your settings are as follows: Shape: Square; Size: 1.

Also click on the little paint brush tool inside the Tool Options and Make sure Normal is checked. Right click the Foreground color and set it to white. Click once with the tool in the top left hand side of each letter like: . Continue to do this with all of the letters, once on each at the top left hand corner.

Adding Transparency
Now for the last step you have to make the image transparent. Click on the GIF Button once. Under the Transparency tab click on the radio button for Areas that match this color. Right click in the color box next to it and select the lime green. Hit OK. You're done! This is an example of the end project: