The Palace

What is The Palace?
The Palace is a visual chat software.

Getting Started

  • First you need to download the software. Click here.
  • After the Software is downloaded, you need a registration code. Click here.
  • Now you need to log onto a Palace like the Mansion. Click here.

Connecting to Palaces
If you just started up The Palace then click on the center of the page where it says click here to enter PalaceSpace.
If you are already at another Palace then on to top click File >> Connect to a Palace and type in the palace address if you know one.

A Useful Palace
This is a Palace that I go to most often and that I like the best. All you have to do is click on the name and the link will bring you directly to the palace. You can find more links here.

Before You Start
Before you start you need to know a just a couple of things and terms. An avatar is the doll you wear in the Palace.
Most people on The Palace do not like "Preps" (we know they are called uniques but they don't lol) so don't try to start something with them, because they usually win.
"Doors" are ways to move from room to room in a Palace.
Props are the parts of the doll that you wear.

Navigating Through Palaces
Once you are connected to a palace you can usually find words that you can click on to take you places. To navigate your self around here are some directions:

  • Going to Rooms: Click at the top Options >> GoTo Room. A little Room List box will pop up listing out all of the rooms in that Palace. You can click once on any of the room names and click on the GoTo button to go to that room.
  • Finding People: Click at the top Options >> Find User. A little User List box pops up listing all the names of the users that are online at that Palace. You can click once on any of the names, and if they are in an open room, you can click the GoTo button to go to the room they are in.
The toolbars on The Palce are very important and you definitely need to know how to get and use them.
  • ToolBox: If you don't already have the ToolBox showing on the screen go to Options >> Toolbox. If there is a check next to Toolbox then it is already open. The toolbox has a row of buttons on it which include:

    Connect to a Palace: You can use this button to connect to a different Palace at any time.
    Back: You can click this button to go back to the room you were previously in.
    Forward: You can click this button to go forward to a room.
    Talk Buttons: You can click on any of these four buttons to chance the bubble around the worlds when you are talking.
    Log Window: When you click this button, the Log Window box shows up on the right side of the screen. You will notice that when you are talking to people on The Palace, the messages come up and then go away pretty quick, so you can use this feature to go back and see what people said. The most recent talking transaction will be shown on the bottom of that box.
    Play Sound When you click on this button it brings up a Sound List box with a list of all the different noises you can make. All you have to do is click on a noise, and then click the Play button.
    Guest Avatars When this is clicked it brings up a Choose an Avatar box that if you are not wearing a doll, you can pick different faces to show and then hit OK.
    Drawing Tools When you click on this button, it brings up the Drawing Tool Box. With this tool you can draw in the Palace. There is a line button that determines the width of a line you draw and you can click on any of the colors to change the color you draw. You can click on the tiny little box in the top left hand corner of the drawing tools box to close it.
    Show/Hide Door Outlines When clicked, this button draws a line around the "doors" so you can see where to navigate to.
    Show/Hide Names This button is very important when you are making dolls to put on your website. You can see that on top of everyone's avatar is their name, well when you copy your doll, you don't want to see your name, so you can click this button to hide your name.

The Props
  • The Prop Guide Box

    Wearing Props: You can put on your props two different ways. The way I do it is on the bottom right hand corner of the Palace screen there is a little black suitcase. If you click on the suitcase once, the prop guide window will pop up. By default The Palace downloads with a few props already in it, which I deleted because I never used them and they took up room. To wear the prop, click once on a prop inside the window and then click the Wear button. You can click the wear button again to take the prop off. All you have to do to wear the doll is click on the different parts in the box and click wear for each of them and it assembles the doll on the screen.
    New: You can click this button to draw a new prop of your own.
    Edit: This button is very important in order to edit your props. When you click on the edit button, it brings up the editing box. See 'Tricks for Editing' below to learn some useful tricks on how to edit props.
    Save: You can save a prop in your saved avatars list.
    Dupe: Duplicates a prop in the prop box.
    Delete: Deletes props in the prop box.
    Naked: When you click this button, it atomatically takes all the props off you were currently wearing.

  • Save/Wear Avatar

    This feature lets you save and wear an avatar you like so that you can automatically put on the whole av instead of having to put it on prop by prop.
    Saving the Avatar
    Put on the whole enter av that you want to save. Right click yourself on the screen and click >> Save/Wear Avatar. Click on which spot you want it in the Shortcute key and then click Save This >>. You will notice that next to wear you save the av, there are symbols like F1, what that means is while you are in The Palace you can click on the F1 key and it will put the avatar that is in your saved box on.
    Wearing a Saved Avatar
    Right click yourself on the screen and click Save/Wear Avatar, browse through your list of avs, and then click the << Wear This button.

Getting Props You can get props four different ways. The first way is to go to a Take Av Room, the second is if someone offers you their av, the third is a Prop Drop, and the fourth is a Prop Guide.

  • Take Av Room: You can find a take prop room in Avatars Annonymous by going to Options >> GoTo Room >> Take Av's 1. I'm not quite sure how other take av rooms work at other palaces, so these directions are only for avatars annonymous, but they could work in other palaces. In order to take an avatar that someone is wearing, all you have to do is click on them (make sure you click them on their name and that they are highlighted) and then type in take then hit enter. Their avatar will show up on you, and all you have to do is click on the props and drag them to the suitcase and then let go and they will go inside the suitcase.
  • Offering an Av: You can give and take avs by a command called offer. In order to give someone the avatar you are wearing, click on them on their name type 'offer and then hit the enter key. In order to accept an avatar that someone has offered to you type 'accept and then hit the enter key.
  • Prop Drop: A prop drop is a room that you will find on most every Palace in which people go in and annonymously drop their avs in that room. What you have to do in order to get a prop that has been left in a prop drop is: Right click the prop and make sure to hit COPY prop, not Take prop, because if you take the prop it is not very curteous and the prop will not be there for other people to take.
  • Prop Guides: Prop Guides are the most frequent and popular use for getting props. You can get to a prop guide by either using the GoTo Room command, but usually there is a main menu that will have an option to take you to the Prop Guide. Once you are in the Prop Guide, there will be three words inside: Next, Reset, and Back. You can click on the Next button to browse through the avatars that are in the room. In order to save the props all you have to do is either click and hold down the prop and drag it to the suitcase, or right click yourself and click >> Save/Wear Avatar.

Room Commands
Well now you know how to wear and get the props. The Palace is not only for wearing and taking avatars, but you can have alot of fun with for instance, Survivors, and other fun pageants. But before you can play, you need to know a few room commands. In Avatars Annonymous in order to get your own room, all you have to do is click Options >> GoTo Room >> and then Make a Room. At the top of that list there is a very helpful link called Room Commands. If you go there, it gives you a broad directory of room commands that will work in alot of other Palaces also. Some of the most common room commands include:

  • 'rclose and 'ropen: open and close a room
  • 'rdelete: deletes a room
  • 'rkick: when you click on a person and type this in, it will kick the person from your room
  • 'rname: Type that and then the name you want the room to be and hit enter
  • 'rowner : Replace with the users name you want to transfer room ownership to
  • 'rpage: and then the message, pages the Palace owner or helper to help you with your need
  • 'rtake: Take ownership of a room if the owner has gone offline
  • 'rwho: Find out who owns the room
  • 'rpicture: and then a room background name, changes the background of a room

Editing Tricks
Editing avatars in Palaces is very important to alot of people to change avs around to look the way they want them to. In order to edit a prop >> open the prop box >> click on a prop >> and then click Edit. You can click on the little pencil in order to draw your own lines or patterns on the prop. All you have to do in order to change the color, is click on the new color you want. The pencil with the eraser, erases anything on the prop. And the button with the lines on it, if you click on it serveral times it changes the width of the line you draw with.

  • Flood Fill: It would be pretty lengthy to sit there and draw around each place you want to change the color. But I have something that will help. :) Click the color you want to fill. And then while holding down the Alt key click on the prop where you want to change the color. That way it changes the whole selection instead of just a pixel.
  • Color Picker: When you are editing you will find a need to want exactly the color of another prop or a color in that prop, and instead of trying to find it on the color chart in the edit box, all you have to do is while holding down the Ctrl key, click on the color on the prop you want. This will pick the color you want and then you can draw with that specific color.
  • Copying: Sometimes there are props with a certain pattern or style that you want on a different prop, in order to copy that part of the prop. Click on the selection box, draw a box around around the object you want to copy and then while holding down the Ctrl key hit C.
  • Paste: To paste the object into another prop, while holding down the Ctrl key hit V.
If you are into editing as I am I'm sure these little clues will help you alot and save alot of time! :)

Helpful Links
Some other helpful links include: