The programs you will need :
Paint Shop Pro & Animation Shop
|You can download the trial version here|

Example of the doll without transparency.

Getting Started
Open your doll, graphic, etc. up in Animation Shop. Right click on the graphic and then click >> Export Frames To Paint Shop Pro. This opens the graphic up in Paint Shop Pro. Click on the zoom button a few times to view the graphic in a larger size, better to work with.

Changing Colors
Click on the Magic Wand button once on the toolbar to select it. Click anywhere in the blank or colored area around the doll or graphic once to select it.

You'll notice that this will bring up a dotted line around the object. Make sure that your Color Pallette (example below) is showing, if it isn't go to View >> ToolBars >> and make sure there is a check box next to Color Pallette. Right click on the first color image and select the lime green color that should be in the first row, second column.

This changes the background of the doll to a lime green. If you see areas around the doll for instance between the legs or arms, you need to perform the above step on the areas that do not have lime green to insert the lime green there. Now your entire doll or graphic should have a background of green.

Adding the Transparency
Now all you have to do in order to add the transparency is click on the Export Gif button. If you do not see this button, click on View >> Toolbars >> Tool Pallette, and make sure there is a check mark next to it. Once you have clicked on the Export Gif button, a box named Gif Optimizer will show up.

Click on the Transparency tab >> then click on the radio button that says Areas that match this color. Right click on the color next to it (where mine is a fuschia) and click on the same lime green in the color pallette and then hit >> OK. Now you'll notice that the second doll to the right in the Gif Optimizer screen now has a background with little white and gray squares (that means it's transparent).

We want to accept these changes so click on the OK button. A promt will come up to save the graphic, so give it a name and click on the Save button.

Now you have your very own transparent graphic! yay =)