Update Boxes

The programs you will need :
Paint Shop Pro & Animation Shop
|You can download the trial version here|

Making The Graphics
I always start off by making the graphics I will need for the update box. You will need to make a total of three graphics. The first being the main box that says updates, and the second and third being the two boxes that say up and down to scroll the contents of the update box. I like to open everything up in Animation Shop, just seems best to me. So Open up Amination Shop, click File >> New >> and as for the size that is really up to you, maybe you could try 350x150. As far as what the graphics will look like that is totally up to you. If you want to transport the image to Paint Shop Pro in order to snazz it up a bit, right click on the image and click Export Frames to Paint Shop Pro. Then when you are done editing in PSP, just click close and then yes to update Animation Shop. Save the first box as updatebox.gif. As far as the next two buttons you can reapeat the step above but maybe size the box to 150x75, of course these sizes being whatever you would like. Save the box which you wrote up in as up.gif and the box that has down as down.gif.

The Script
Now that we have the graphics, you need a script to insert them into. You will probably put the update box on your mainpage, so highlight and copy the script below and insert that into the page that you are going to have the Update Box in. Make sure that if you changed the names of the graphics to other than I said above that you are going to go into the script and change where they are named also. Meaning, it will probably just be easier to name the graphics what I said above. You can change the settings in the script to fit whatever your needs. But it's as easy as that!

Inserting Contents
All you have to do in order to put your daily updates inside the box, is in the script where it says, Insert your updates here, delete that and put what you want it to say. Easy, huh?! :)