Site Tips

This section is based solely on my opinions. Don't get mad at me if you don't agree with what is below, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. :) This is to try and help you and your site!

Go with a light color on your background. I would not suggest white because it is too bright and hard on people's eyes. Lighter pastelly colors are what I prefer and if you are going to have any brush or pixel art I suggest only one or two shades darker. You don't want your background to out weigh your content.

I really like cliques as I'm sure a lot of you do, but a lot of cliques all around your page doesn't seem to make much sense. If you really like cliques, make a section for them. Don't put them everywhere on your site.

Direct Linking
A definite NO NO! Do not direct to other's sites from yours. Be civilized human beings, and make the things on your page yourself, don't steal from others. It's not right to direct link to anyone's site, unless they state otherwise.

Get your dolls from The Palace to avoid people from accusing you of stealing their content.

Flashy Graphics
Don't put alot of flashy graphics and backgrounds all throughout your website. One or two pages are fine and normal, but more than that just gets annoying.

PSP has a free download so that you can make graphics for your site. Don't go to a free graphic website to make all of your graphics. Not only is it time consuming, but you never know when the site will close or get rid of the program and you are out of luck. Save your graphics in .gif format, they take up less room that way.

Don't View Source anyone's layout and steal their original content. It's not nice! :/ Make your own, it's not very hard at all. Try going to Lissa Explains It all, listed on my credits page, and you can learn everything you need to about layouts. Alot of doll sites all seem to have the same layout, and that's really boring! Go with something new and exciting!

I for one think the sites that you click for a maker, dolls, etc. and wind up voting for their site on Top Dolls, is totally unfair! Try not doing this because although you'll get lots of votes, you won't have a good name in the long run.

Az KuTe Az YeW ThInK tHiS iZ, iT'z nAwT! Writing all throughout your website with capitalized, un-capitalized, and misspelled words is annoying and very hard to read and understand.